Carriage Square at Gainey Village HOA

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call to report a burned out or malfunctioning street light in the neighborhood?

  • APS  must be called at 602-371-7171 and press #1 for outage

Do I need to get permission from the Home Owners Association to paint or make structural changes to the outside of my house?

  • Yes, if you are going to paint or make exterior alterations to your home you will need to get the Board of Directors approval. You need to complete the Architectural Control Form.

Who do I call to report someone dumping swimming pool water, construction waste such as runoff from stucco mixing or soil debris from construction vehicles into the street gutters?

  • The city of Scottsdale has ordinances that make it unlawful to dump any type of construction debris or swimming pool water into city right-of-ways. Contact the City of Scottsdale Code Enforcement Section at 480-312-5000 or you can make a report on the City of Scottsdale Web Site.

Who do I contact to report excessive noise from a loud party at a neighbor's house?

  • You should do the neighborly thing first and contact the offending neighbor and try to resolve the problem. If that fails then the City of Scottsdale has a noise ordinance and you can call the Scottsdale Police Dispatcher at 480-312-5000


Where do I file a complaint for noisy animals/barking dogs?

  • Call 480 312-5000

Who is our contact person at Colby Property Management?

  • James Verpoten 623-977-3860 ext. 7738, email 

Does the city of Scottsdale clean the garbage and recycling containers?

  • No.  Cleaning of these containers is the property owners’ responsibility. However the city will make repairs to broken wheels or lid hinges. For more information on refuse containers click on the following link.

Do we have a Neighborhood Watch Program?

  • Yes and Michael Stegman is the coordinator. You may reach him via email at: Check out the information on the Neighborhood Watch program under hot topics on the web sites home page.

If I fill my swimming pool do I get a break on my water rates from the city?

  • No, but if you fill it during the months of December, January or February you can fill out a Waist Water Adjustment Forum. Your sewer rate is calculated on your water use in the previous December, January and February.