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Important Notice to Homeowners Concerning Dues Increase     

House burglaries:

This past year saw several home burglaries in our neighborhood as well as the theft of items left outside the home. Some of these were in broad daylight. Many of these burglaries and theft of items such as bicycles are crimes of opportunity. Don’t give anyone the opportunity. Protect your home and yourself by following these suggestions.

When you are home:

1. Do not leave garage doors open unless you are working in your garage. This includes side door into the garage.                                                  
2. If you are working in your back yard lock the front door. Don't leave items in front of the house unattended.                                                                  
3. Install a Ring Doorbell or similar device, these along with a smart phone allow you to see who is at your door without opening the door.                  These devices allow you to see and to talk with whomever is at your door even when you are not at home.                                                            
4. Security camera systems and security lights can supplement or extend doorbell security systems.                                                                                                        
5. The devises suggested above can be purchased locally at big box or hardware stores and installed by the home owner.                                                                                        
6. Register your security cameras with the Scottsdale Police Department. This can help with investigations of crime in the neighborhood. You can      do this on the Police Department web site.                                                                                                                                                                
7. If you are having major renovations on your home and you give keys to workers be sure to change the locks when the work is completed.

8. Be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood and report suspicious activity to the police department.

When you are away from home:

1. Lock all doors including the side gate. Let your neighbors know if you will away for extended period. Include in the conversation any traffic at          your home that is legitimate, such as Pool guy, family members etc.

2. Secure any pet doors, people have been known to squeeze through these to gain entry.

3. Many homes have the electric panel outside the perimeter walls. It is a good idea to put a padlock on the electric panel so the electric to the          house cannot easily be shut off making any WiFi system inoperable.

4. Here is a link to the Scottsdale Police website. This site has a lot of valuable information.

Neighborhood Watch Newsletter

Green Stagnate Swimming Pools

​​​Dog Etiquette:

  • Many homes in our neighborhood now have dogs as part of the family. As dog owners we need to be mindful of our neighbors and cleanup after our pets when we take them for walks. It is wise to carry not one but two poop bags as Fido often leaves more than we expect. Continuous barking during the day or at night annoys neighbors. If you leave your dog outside during the day or at night make sure they are not being a barking nuisance.

Check out crime activity in any neighborhood by clicking on the following link:

Roof Rats:

  • Roof rats have invaded our neighborhood over the past several years. Signs you may have these pesky critters are holes eaten in citrus fruit that has fallen to the ground or are still attached to the tree. 

  • These rats may nest in your attic if they can gain entrance or are just as at home in nests built in trees or in bushes. They also like to frequent attached storage structures where outdoor equipment is stored. They can do extensive damage by chewing the insulation from electrical wiring. 

  • It is important that every person do his or her part in ridding our neighborhood of these destructive invasive pests. Please go to the following web site for more detailed information and to obtain bait stations to control the rats.

  • If you have questions please call David Madison at 480-991-2818. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are a couple of roof rat links worth checking out.

Neighborhood Watch:

  • In order to maintain our Neighborhood Watch Status we need additional Block Captains. Please contact Michael Stegman at for more information. 

  • It is very important to have an active Neighborhood Watch Program to keep our neighborhood a safe and secure place to live.

  • In order to keep this program active we need your help. Volunteer to be a Block Captain.

Urban Wildlife Information:


  • The board has been notified that some homeowners have had scorpions as of August 2020.